www.SAN-Online.eu offers a large choice of original Venetian masks: Blank white Venetian masks to decorate on your own, decorated Venetian masks and Venetian wall masksWe hold available an exceptional choice of blank white Venetian masks which comprises classical Venetian mask types as well as extraordinary new Venetian masks. We have our large collection of white masks regulalry updated and on stock.

www.SAN-Online.eu is offering a large choice of decoration articles enabling you to turn your white Venetian masks into works of art: Acrylic gems, settings, satin tapes... feel free to create your own personal Venetian masks.    

Our decorated Venetian masks and wall masks are mostly original Venetian handcraft and come mostly with a certificate of authenticity from the artists workshop.

Colombina Pavone
6.90 *
59.00 *
46.90 *
Dog, brown
19.90 *
Venetian Diva Mask
16.90 *
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Venetian white blank Masks

Venetian white blank Masks

On the following pages, you will find a large choice of venetian white masks. The blank white masks are exclusively from venetian production. 

Are you looking for a particular mask or would you like to order a larger number of items? Please let us know.

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Promotional items

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