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Hereafter please find informations about your rights in accordance to the regulations about mail-order selling and electronic commerce.


Proposal and contract
Right of revocation
Notification on the right of return
Price and shipping cost
Customers in Switzerland and Liechtenstein
Free return
Ordering process
Contract and contractual language



The contract is closed between the customer and

Mariana Santana Müller («SAN-Online»)
Obermaierstrasse 18
93049 Regensburg

Any information request or claim may be forwarded to me by e-mail to, by fax to +49 941 85088680 or by phone +49 941 46181901 from Monday to Friday, from 9-11 am and from 2-5 pm CET, except on holidays.

Proposal and contract

The articles presented on the web site do not constitue a binding offer from SAN-Online, but represent an invitation to order. The indicated offers and prices are valid wthin the limits of stocks available, unless a different indication is displayed at the level of the article, the ocurrence of typographic mistakes or an error of oblivion. By clicking on the button „order now“, you are sending a binding order over the articles in your shoppig cart. The contract is closed by the sending of an e-mail headed „Confirmation of your order, which is sent out immediately after reception of your order.

Right of revocation

Instead of a revocation right, the customer is granted an unrestricted right of return

Notification on the right of return

Right of return

You may return the contract goods received without stating any reason within a deadline of 14 days by sending them back. The period starts with the receipt of this notification in textual form (e. g. by letter, fax or e-mail) but not before receipt of the contract goods by the addressee (in case of repeated delivery of contract goods of the same type not before receipt of the first partial delivery) and also not before we have met our obligations of providing informations according to Section 246 sub-section 2 in combination with Section 1 clause 1 and 2 EGBGB and our obligations according Section 312g clause 1 phrase 1 BGB in conjunction with Section 246 sub-section 3 EGBGB. Only in case of non paketable goods (e. g. bulky goods), the right of return may also be declared, in writing, as a demand to take back the goods. The timely dispatch of the goods or demand to take back the goods is deemed sufficient to meet the deadline. In any case, you may send the goods back at our risk and expense. The address for sending back or declaring a demand to take back the goods is as follows:

Mariana Santana Müller
Obermaierstrasse 18
93049 Regensburg

Telefax: +49 941 85088680

In case of a demand to take back the goods, they will be taken at your place

Consequences of return

In case of an effective return, the benefits received from either side and the utilizations drawn shall be surrendered. In case the goods are deteriorated and for the use made (e. g. advantages of use), which cannot be fully or partially returned or can only be returned in deteriorated condition, you are insofar obliged to provide compensation of the value lost. No compensation for lost value can be claimed if deterioration of the goods was caused by their designated use. Compensation for uses drawn can only be claimed if the use of the goods took place in a way, which exceeds the inspection of its properties or function. “inspection of its properties or function” means testing and trying out the respective goods, as it would have been possible and normal in some retail shop. Obligations for refunding payment must be met within 30 days. The period starts for you with the dispatch of the goods or the demand to take back the goods, for us when it is received.End of the notification on the right of return.

End of the notification on the right of return


Delivery takes place into the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland & Liechtenstein, United Kingdom, Spain and Sweden.

The delivery period displayed on the product pages is valid for delivery in Austria, Germany, France and Switzerland. For other countries you may need to add up to one week. In case of prepayment, the delivery period starts upon reception by the SAN-Online of the invoiced amount.

You will be informed without delay should the ordered product not be available on time, because it is not supplied on time by our own supplier. In this case, you may wait for the ordered product or cancel your order. In case of cancellation of your order, any prepayment shall be returned without delay.

Price and shipping cost

All prices figured are final prices non-inclusive of shipping costs. Due to our status of small undertaking according to paragraph 19 UStG (German Value Added Tax Act) we do not charge VAT and therefore it is not displayed in our prices. Besides the prices of the goods, the following shipping costs depending on the country of destination are applied:

Shipping cost


Weight Untracked EUR Tracked EUR
Parcel size S up to 0,5 kg - 4,00
Parcel size M up to 1,0 kg - 4,90
Parcel size L up to 2 kg - 6,00
Parcel size XL up to 5 kg - 9,00  

Zone 1: Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Austria, Spain, Switzerland

Weight Untracked Tracked
up to 500g 6,00 7,00
up to 1 kg 7,00 8,00
up to 2 kg 8,00 11,00

Zone 2: Switzerland, United Kingdom

(customs duties not included (more information below)

Weight Untracked Tracked
up to 0,5 kg 7,00 9,00
up to 1 kg 8,00 9,50
up to 2 kg 11,00 13,00

The costs of shipping will be displayed clearly in the electronic shopping cart and on your ordering page.

Additional cash on delivery service charges (in case the service is offered):

Germany 3,00 EUR, France 5,00 EUR, Austria & United Kingdom 6,00 EUR. In case of cash on delivery inside Germany, an additional fee of 2,00 Euro will be charged by the postman upon reception.

Cash on delivery is unavailable for Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Information for Switzerland and Liechtenstein

Customs duties, taxes et related charges

Orders from customers in Switzerland are duty and tax free for invoices equal or up to the duty and tax free allowance of the Swiss customs administration. For articles in this shop the duty and tax free allowance is respected up to an invoiced equivalent of 59,00 CHF. The invoice includes the value of the goods and the shipping costs. A higher invoice of the order may lead to duties, taxes and an administrative charge of the Swiss postal service. Further information is available in the internet under and

Free return

You want to return the goods? Please see your right of return and contact us mentioning your order number (you may use the contact form to do so). Customers in Germany will receive a free postage stamp by ordinary mail. Customers living outside Germany will be refunded the ordinary mail costs (no insurance) against the receipt. The refund is made by bank transfer provided we have your banking details or by PayPal.


Payment can be made at your choice by using PayPal, Visa or Mastercard, or by SEPA bank transfer (payment in advance).

In case of SEPA bank-transfer, you will find our bank account number and all necessary payment details in your confirmation E-Mail. In case of payment in advance, the delivery period begins directly after reception of the payment on our accounts.

We reserve the right to decline debit orders if the name of the customer is different from the name of the holder of the bank account.

In case of sale against cash in advance, the shipping takes place immediately after reception of the payment.
We accept no payment by cheques.
In case of cash on delivery, the payment is due in cash at the moment of delivery.

Ordering process

The articles of your choice can be added without any obligation to your shopping cart by clicking the "Order" button. The content of the shopping cart can be checked and modified at any time without obligation by clicking the link "Shopping Cart" or"Cash". You may adjust the quantity of each item by entering a number or delete it by entering a "0" as quantity. Click the "refresh"-button in order to see your changes becoming effective. If you wish to order the articles in your shopping cart, select the paymrent and delivery mode and press the button "Order". On the following page, either (as a new client) you may fill in the forms your name, address, e-mail and other data, or you initiate the order by logging in with your user name and password (registered customer). If you whish to become a registered customer, choose your login and password. Click on the button "continue". Mandatory entries are marked with a "*".Your data transmission is protected using a secure SSL connection. The transaction can be stopped at any time by closing the browser window. You can jump back to previous stages of the ordering process in order to correct or change entries. Confirm your order by clicking on "Send order". See also other information and options on the respective ordering pages.

Contract data and contractual language

We store the contractual data and send you a confirmation e-mail with this data and informmations on your right of return. The General Terms an Conditions are available at any time here. Once passed the ordering process, for security reasons, the details of your order will not remain accessible via internet. The General Terms available in French, English and German, the latter being legally binding. Applicable law is exclusively the German law.

(Status as of October 2022)